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Onboard Weighing Systems for Long-Haul Transportation

Axle load, gross weight, and cargo weight control and monitoring

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Save time

With VESA, your transport doesn’t get stuck on penalty parking or in repair due to overloading, and drivers don’t waste time on additional weighing and complete more routes.

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Monitor Your Loads Every Kilometer, 24/7

No need to worry about the location or safety of your cargo anymore. Monitoring system allows to track all route deviations and weight changes in real-time on your smartphone.

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Maximize Your Transportation Efficiency

Online load monitoring and detailed reports boost equipment performance by 10-30%

Onboard weighing systems for long-haul freight transport sector

Onboard weighing systems installed on vehicles allow drivers to monitor changes in axle loads during loading and in motion, while park owners can remotely monitor and improve the economic efficiency of freight transportation by ensuring optimal loading, reducing downtime, increasing load factor, and reducing fuel consumption per ton of transported goods.

We produce and install onboard scales on almost all types of vehicles and connect them to the Wialon cloud monitoring system.

As a result, you gain full control over the efficiency of your transportation, eliminate theft and inefficient losses during loading and transportation.

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Types of equipment on which VESA systems are installed







VESA SYSTEM solutions

Onboard scales

Tire pressure sensors

On-board scales for front-end loaders

starting from $2100 +VAT

Tire pressure and temperature sensors

starting from $290 +VAT


About us

VESA SYSTEM is a Russian high-tech startup with a history dating back to 2018 when a group of experienced engineers from the electronics and transportation logistics industries came together to develop a new type of weight measuring system - onboard axle load measurement systems for heavy trucks, which are installed directly in the suspension and provide drivers with real-time information for proper loading and avoiding fines for overloading.

We offer our expertise and experience in developing electronic components and management systems for the Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) in Industry 4.0.


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