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Weight control sensors used on trucks with air suspension

Onboard weighing system on vehicles with air suspension

VESA SYSTEM company offers ready-made solutions for measuring axle loads, total vehicle weight and cargo weight, monitoring and analyzing the efficiency of transportation for road equipment with pneumatic and combined suspension. VESA onboard systems allow reducing or completely eliminating fines, eliminating breakdowns and downtime of vehicles due to overload, reducing ineffective costs for theft and unauthorized use, eliminating errors in mutual settlements with shippers, as well as increasing equipment efficiency by up to 20%, providing optimal loading of vehicles.

All data on axle loads, total weight and weight of cargo, which is inside the truck with air suspension, are transmitted to the display in the driver’s cab and remotely to the central monitoring system.

Depending on the technical condition and operating conditions of the vehicle with pneumatic suspension, as well as weighing conditions, measurement error can be within 1-3%. To achieve the best result, it is recommended to follow the instructions for calibration and weighing and maintain the suspension in a regulatory state.

VESA on-board system installation manual is included in the device kit. You can install and calibrate the weighing system on your transport yourself, or use the help of our partners.

Read about the principles of VESA sensors and systems operation and installation in the technical description

How to Improve Freight Transportation Efficiency with VESA ANALYTICA?

A new information support system for businesses has arrived with VESA ANALYTICA's reporting module, which is based on sensor analysis of weight and fuel. This system provides a completely new level of data that can help companies better manage their operations.

As the old adage goes, you can't manage what you can't measure. But with VESA ANALYTICA, you can measure everything.

Key features of VESA ANALYTICA include comprehensive tracking and analysis of each individual transportation unit, the locations and times of loading and unloading, distance covered, time and fuel consumption, and weight carried on each part of the route.

This powerful analysis tool allows you to measure a vehicle's actual work and downtime, monitor unauthorized loading and unloading, calculate the cost of transportation, and provide clients with a full breakdown of the costs. You will have a complete evidentiary basis.

If any of the machine's performance metrics fall outside of the established norms, you can receive email and SMS notifications. VESA ANALYTICA gives you the power to optimize your fleet's performance and streamline your logistics operation.

Система аналитики Vesa Analytica

Scales on a truck with air suspension

Весы на грузовик с пневматической подвеской

Main configuration of onboard scales for measuring the load on the axles of a vehicle with pneumatic suspension includes:

  1. Weighing controller – the central part of the system that converts signals from sensors into weight readings, then transmits information to the display and monitoring system.
  2. Wabco pressure sensors – high-precision sensors installed directly into the airbags or pipes of the vehicle through quick-release fittings.
  3. Mounting kit – consists of wiring harnesses, Camozzi fittings, a fuse with a socket, power and digital interface cables, and Schlemmer automotive corrugated tubing.

Optionally offered:

  1. Wired load indicator – installed in the cabin panel and alternately displays axle loads, total weight, and cargo weight (displayed data is adjustable).
  2. Display – depending on the request, the kit includes a wireless WiFi display with a convenient holder and a charging device or a touch wired display.

The cost of onboard scales starts from $1100 +VAT

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Save time

With VESA, your transport doesn't get stuck on penalty parking or in repair due to overloading, and drivers don't waste time on additional weighing and complete more routes.
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Monitor Your Loads Every Kilometer, 24/7

No need to worry about the location or safety of your cargo anymore. Monitoring system allows to track all route deviations and weight changes in real-time on your smartphone.
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Use your vehicle's load capacity to 100%

With accurate measurement of axle loads, online monitoring of loading, and detailed reports, equipment performance increases by 10-30%.
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Eliminate the risk of fines for overloading

Drivers can be at ease on the road: high system accuracy and real-time cargo displacement control help avoid fines.
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Choose a Reliable Partner

VESA onboard systems comply with international standards and have passed tests by Russian Road Research Institute. They have a service life of 5 years and come with a 12-month warranty.
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Accurate weight-based settlements

Don't let shippers deceive you by sending more weight than paid for, settle payments based on actual ton-kilometers. Take your business economy to the next level.

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About us

VESA SYSTEM is a Russian high-tech startup with a history dating back to 2018 when a group of experienced engineers from the electronics and transportation logistics industries came together to develop a new type of weight measuring system - onboard axle load measurement systems for heavy trucks, which are installed directly in the suspension and provide drivers with real-time information for proper loading and avoiding fines for overloading.

We offer our expertise and experience in developing electronic components and management systems for the Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) in Industry 4.0.


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