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Weighing system for grab loader

Weight sensors installed on equipment with a grab

Onboard weighing system for grabber-equipped machinery

VESA SYSTEM offers ready-made solutions for measuring the weight of loads in buckets, monitoring and analyzing work efficiency for all types of loading equipment. VESA onboard systems reduce the percentage of trips with underloads and overloads, eliminate errors in settlements with vehicle owners, and increase the efficiency of equipment by minimizing downtime or incomplete loading.

With remote internet access, you can monitor the total output of the loader, weight in each vehicle and bucket during the shift, as well as synchronize cargo flows in the quarry. The measurement is based on the change in pressure in the lift cylinder. There are 2 modes provided for different tasks: static with stopping the bucket and dynamic without stopping the loading process.

The kit includes a detailed instruction for installing the VESA onboard weighing system. You can install and calibrate the weighing system on transport yourself or use the assistance of our partners.

Load sensor system for grab loader

Весы на грейферный перегружатель

Scales for grab loader. The standard equipment for grab loader includes:

  1. Weighing controller - the central part of the system that converts signals from sensors into weight readings, then transfers the information to the display and monitoring system.
  2. Display - a touchscreen display for accounting operations.
  3. Pressure sensors - high-precision sensors that are installed in the hydraulic line of the lift cylinder.
  4. Boom position sensor - determines the points where the pressure measurement is made.
  5. Mounting kit - consisting of brackets, a fuse with a terminal block, power and digital interface cables, and Schlemmer automotive corrugation.

The price for onboard scales starts at $2900 +VAT.

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Easy installation and calibration in 4 hours

We can install the system at our service center or provide detailed instructions for self-installation and setup. We also offer on-site installation at the customer's location.
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High reliability

We provide a real 12-month warranty. The system's service life is at least 5 years.

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High weighing accuracy

Measurement error is only 1-2% in static mode and 3-5% in dynamic mode.

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Two weighing modes

The VESA LOADER system allows for weighing in both static mode with a stopped boom and dynamic mode without stopping the boom.

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Remote monitoring of loading and unloading with reports

Transmitting the information to monitoring system allows generating reports on actual work performed.

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Installation on any machinery

The system is suitable for front-end, forklift, and telescopic handlers, excavators, and grab loaders.

VESA SYSTEM solutions

Onboard scales

Tire pressure sensors

On-board scales for front-end loaders

starting from $2100 +VAT

Tire pressure and temperature sensors

starting from $290 +VAT


About us

VESA SYSTEM is a Russian high-tech startup with a history dating back to 2018 when a group of experienced engineers from the electronics and transportation logistics industries came together to develop a new type of weight measuring system - onboard axle load measurement systems for heavy trucks, which are installed directly in the suspension and provide drivers with real-time information for proper loading and avoiding fines for overloading.

We offer our expertise and experience in developing electronic components and management systems for the Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) in Industry 4.0.


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