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VESA SILOS – an innovative solution for weighing and real-time monitoring

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Inventory monitoring

Alerts for low or excessive filling levels via audible and visual alarms, email or phone notifications

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The system allows measuring the current weight of the remaining product, calculating the consumption rate, time until depletion, and generating a supplier order for timely replenishment.

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Accurate Settlements

Our weighing system with receipt printing allows for precise monitoring of suppliers with an error of no more than 2%.

Capacity management and dispatching system

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Basic system features

Accurate weighing

The main function of the system is weighing products in the container in real-time mode. Strain gauge sensors are installed on supports using welding or bolted connection

Absolute versatility

Due to the use of tension/compression strain gauge sensors, our weighing system can be installed on all types of containers on metal supports.

Remote monitoring

Our cloud service provides dispatchers, managers, and owners with visual information on drains, fills, unauthorized and emergency situations at any location in the world.


The simplicity and completeness of the solution allow for installation in any conditions. All you need is a power supply.

Prevention of adverse events

Light and sound alarms, duplicated displays, SMS and email notifications allow for timely measures to be taken to fill the tanks or automatically signal control devices, detect unauthorized interference, and prevent emergency situations.

Quick installation

We use a non-intrusive weighing method – installation of sensors is carried out on the supports of the container without interfering with the structure of the load-bearing elements and without stopping the operation of the silo and using expensive lifting mechanisms.

Additional system features

Integration with Warehouse Management System

The universal database and open interfaces allow for automatic transfer of information on incoming and outgoing materials to accounting and operational systems for creating invoices and other documents.

Additional sensors and video surveillance

Information from temperature, level, and pressure sensors is transmitted to the cloud monitoring system for dispatching of technological processes. Video cameras can also be connected to the system.

System description

VESA SILOS - Весы для силосных хранилищ

VESA SILOS is an automatic non-contact real-time weighing solution for silos and tanks. We have applied our proven high-precision solutions for measuring axial loads of heavy-duty trucks to the task of weighing stationary objects. As a result, we have created an economical solution for accurately measuring the weight of containers with the ability to measure temperature, which can be easily used to calculate density, mass, and actual material level in the container.

In conjunction with the solutions developed for road transport monitoring, we can offer a complete solution for organizing a technological control dispatch center, forecasting consumption and delivery, and generating analytical reports for financial services and executives.

Price – starting from $5500+VAT (with 4 sensors).

VESA SILOS system specifications

Measured range of container weight: The weight of the container is not important. The limitation is the stress on the supporting structure. The allowable stress ranges from 100 to 1100 kgf/cm2. Contact us to get more info.

Type of material for the container support: All grades of steel and aluminum.

Number of connected sensors/containers: Each silo is equipped with a VESA SILOS controller, to which up to eight weight sensors are connected, depending on the structure of the silo supports. The total number of VESA SILOS controllers connected to the cloud server is not limited.

Overall system accuracy: Depends on the construction features. Typically ± 2% of the full weight value.

Connection method: Wired connection of sensors to the VESA SILOS controller is used.

Power supply: 12-24 V DC or 110-250 V AC. Optionally, solar panels can be used.

Temperature range: from -40 to +70 °C.

Data displayed on the container: Current weight of the container. Optionally, the VESA SILOS controller can be equipped with a receipt printer.

Connection to local network and the Internet: Information is transmitted to the remote server via GSM channel. Optionally, data transmission via Wi-Fi or satellite is possible.

Data displayed on the remote server: Current weight of the container, consumption rate, time until the remainder is spent. View data in histograms, graphs, display location on the map.

Occurences notifications: Customized text notifications via email and phone.

Installation of sensors


About us

VESA SYSTEM is a Russian high-tech startup with a history dating back to 2018 when a group of experienced engineers from the electronics and transportation logistics industries came together to develop a new type of weight measuring system - onboard axle load measurement systems for heavy trucks, which are installed directly in the suspension and provide drivers with real-time information for proper loading and avoiding fines for overloading.

We offer our expertise and experience in developing electronic components and management systems for the Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) in Industry 4.0.


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